He sees footsteps coming toward him and recognizes the figure, asking what he is doing on the island. On the Thousand Sunny, Nami remarks that the clouds on the opposite side of the island are snow clouds, while Luffy's group finds a city half melted, still burning. Caesar shows concern for the centaur's welfare and offers them a medicine which will heal them.[14]. The Marines shoot at Law, but he simply switches the bullets with snow at their feet, avoiding injury. She tell Zoro they managed to seal the room's entrance but know it will not hold for long. [27], Outside, the rest of the Straw Hats and Kin'emon continue to flee from Shinokuni. Nonetheless Law slices his head in half and taunts him before bidding "Pirate Vergo" farewell. [20], Just as Luffy's group is about to head in, some of the slime suddenly lands on the ship the G-5 Marines have acquired. Luffy's group make it back, getting the brothers' attention. However, before Luffy can comfort him, an explosion rocks the building which Law notes came from the SAD room. Punk Hazard for the Pirate Era minecraft one piece server. Caesar tells them to go into the Biscuits room to receive the candy. Caesar's men confirm with Caesar that Smiley has finally reached the Ice Lands. Law and Smoker arrive shortly after with Law realizing what Caesar is up to. Brownbeard, the Straw Hat Pirates and some of the G-5 soldiers make it through as well as Tashigi. Robin, Nami and Chopper attempt to stop the children again, but Monet blocks the exit out of the Biscuits Room with a snow barrier. Caesar then tells his underlings not to provoke the Marines, and to just let them take refuge, because he has a plan. [50], Luffy informs the rest of the crew about the alliance he formed with Law's crew and his intention of dethroning the Yonko. Franky meanwhile manages to blast the lab door open. He comes to the conclusion that his son must still be inside. You can also have an extra section with up to 5 characters. Monet is curious why the Straw Hat Pirates would return to action after two years before the centaurs from before are carried into the room near freezing from having their clothes stolen. As she remembers her friend, Mocha pleads to the berserk children to go back to their normal dispositions. Luffy is caught in the blast and starts to fall to which Caesar calls for his slimes to grab him. When asked about the dragon Luffy's group encountered, it was revealed it was a creature made by Vegapunk to guard the island which could adapt to any environment. Law explains that the Yonko have spheres of influence all over the New World but are underground so as not to attract the Marines' attention. The Straw Hats on the Sunny are knocked out and abducted by people in hazmat suits. 3rd big saga would be Vs Government Saga i suppose. Morning comes and a News Coo delivers the paper which indeed reads that Doflamingo abdicated his position as a Shichibukai as per Law's demands as well as his royalty of Dressrosa. However a few of Caesar's men still remain in denial about Caesar's declaration, thinking it part of his plan against Luffy and open the vents. [35], The dragon identifies himself as Momonosuke and soon both Luffy and he get acquainted before he tells Luffy how his situation came to be. As he explores the underground area, he comes across yet another dragon and inquires who the dragon is. This page is currently undergoing renovations. The hazmat attackers soon reach the room, forcing Nami's group to run for it. The Straw Hats confront the Marines and Caesar's men who are fighting outside the facility. Nolan York, Yuki Crystal, and Crystal Wickens come here to rescue Dillon and the other kids. Until it is properly renovated, the original source website for most of the text is sourced from The One Piece Wiki[1]. [45], Back on the island, Franky continues to battle Baby 5 and Buffalo. [50], He quickly displays that he has Haoshoku Haki, knocking out the majority of the forces and attacks the rest using some kind of invisible string, demanding to know where the Straw Hat Pirates and Law are. Unlike many of the kids there, he actually stowed away aboard the ship that was abducting kids from their homes and taken to Punk Hazard. [36], Luffy mentions that since he is a Zoan, he could change back to normal though he does not know how the process works. They then notice there are pieces of a head in the room with them. The four make for it in hopes of grabbing on and getting clear of the gas.[26]. As the crew does so, Brook starts to sing Binks' Sake. What is more he is fighting against some of the giant children to the bewilderment of his crew mates. Because it does not like water, it is throwing itself piece by piece to their area to avoid the lake. The boss then mistakes Zoro for the samurai who cut down his men. Back in the cave, Nami and Usopp wake up. He then says that if on the off chance they may wish to find his body themselves, then he does not mind them looking for it. Caesar then reveals that he has Smoker's heart as well before Monet alerts Caesar that the video is ready.[25]. He closes the transmission telling Vergo, Monet and Caesar to be vigilant of Luffy since he wields Haoshoku Haki, that he will be sending Baby 5 and Buffalo as support and for everyone to return to Dressrosa when they have completed their missions. He then has the cage the prisoners are in taken outside by a crane citing that he wishes to prove that his weapon is tougher than any high bounty pirate, Marine vice admiral or Shichibukai. He then catches up with Usopp and Nami and swiftly defeats them too before retrieving the children and heading back to the lab. orangelightnings. [47], As everyone enjoys themselves, a few of Smoker's men tell him that they got the "killer" gases weakness out of Caesar and are going back into the island to rescue their comrades. Smoker inquires to Law why Caesar thought he had his heart and a flashback reveals that Caesar had forgotten he had given Law Monet's heart as insurance they would not betray each other. When they confront him over it, Nami punches all three for their supposed bullying. As the brokers continue to watch Caesar's men getting paralyzed, Smoker's men likewise see the effects on the video and notice the gas heading straight for them. Outside, Smoker attacks Law with his jutte, but Law dodges and uses his Mes attack to literally encase and steal Smoker's heart from his body, defeating him. While Caesar is pleased with the results he notices his prisoners nor the G-5 Marines were caught in the gas. Back in Building R, the Straw Hats are waiting for their remaining friends to arrive before leaving the island. The G-5 Marines repair the hole with boards and metal, then attempt to arrest Zoro, Brook, Usopp, Kin'emon, Nami (In Sanji's body), Sanji (in Nami's body) and Brownbeard. Baby 5 and Buffalo go to do so but notice something else on the tanker, a robot, which is revealed to be the Franky Shogun, who likewise notices the two above him. Chopper is then tied to his nodachi instead. [19], Having told the samurai that his torso was near the lake, Brook and the others head there to look for him. Buffalo and Baby 5 electrocuted by Nami's attack. The samurai tells everybody to put leaves or rocks on their heads, and when they do this, they suddenly are covered with coats. Upon finally entering the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates immediately receive a distress call from a group of people on an island called Punk Hazard, stating that they are being attacked by a samurai. It is an island with a fire side and an ice side. [8], Meanwhile, in Nami's group, the kids reveal that their parents asked the Punk Hazard staff to cure them, and that the staff came one day, and took them, without letting them say goodbye, due to the danger of the disease. : Pirates and Marines Vs. Caesar Clown and Vergo, The Creeping Danger: Save The Kids and Outrun the Killer Gas, Punk Hazard Crumbles: The Downfall of Caesar Clown and Vergo, Aftermath of the Incident: Fulfilling a Promise and Delivering an Ultimatum. In the Ice Lands, a giant piece of candy has been placed on the ground. Robin then points out that their bodies were switched causing Luffy to laugh when he realizes who "Tashigi" is. Caesar decides to go down to the first floor in order to deal with him. Usopp makes headbands to help identify the crewmates who were scrambled up by Law. Giant Children and The Snowy Mountains' Assassins, A Sudden Ally and a Sudden Threat: The Shichibukai and the Slime, More Secrets Revealed: Joker's Identity and Shinokuni, Commence the Counterattack! They crash into and through the boat before re-emerging while Robin, who had jumped off at the last second, flies down via her hand wings ability. Baby 5 and he talk, it's revealed that she has the power of the Buki Buki no Mi, and that her earlier assault on Doflamingo was due to him destroying a city due to a guy she liked and that he constantly does this every time she takes an interest in someone. Luffy tries to pursue him but Monet gets in his way, claiming "Joker" will kill her if something happens to Caesar prompting Luffy to question Doflamingo's motivations. [7], Meanwhile Smoker's ship has arrived in the frozen part of the island, but the crew comment they cannot get close with poison gas in the air, confusing the recently deployed sleep gas for the alleged poisonous danger of Punk Hazard. Monet claims it as a failure but Caesar disagrees, claiming the explosion he did four years ago was part of his schemes. Brownbeard demands that Caesar give him back his men as Caesar asks what is wrong. [23], Back at Nami and Usopp's hideout, Caesar has found their hiding spot and goads the kids, who are under the withdraw symptoms, to come with him. Chopper explains to Mocha about Caesar's deception and using the kids for his experiments and how if Caesar continues to use them, the children will die before they reach adulthood. Luffy notes that everyone is present, and is ready to begin the counterstrike. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. However this only breaks the shell covering him and he revives from his petrified state much to the surprise of everyone. Law tells Smoker that he knows of the forgery of emergency signals, but Smoker tells him that the distress call is real, to which Law replies that he knows nothing, so there is nothing to talk about. However, she is distracted by Zoro's sword, Shusui and gets excited at seeing it, but Zoro is annoyed at it and tells her to stop it. Brownbeard ended up on the island a year after his crew were wiped out and had given up hope when he was found by Caesar and his group. Meanwhile, Sanji, Chopper, Franky, and Nami wake up in a room on the island. [33] One of the men tells her that Momonosuke is somewhere else, in a treatment room and requests her to keep it quiet. Law states that he cannot let them leave the island anymore, and Smoker begins to fight Law. Caesar vows to show the World Government that he will prove he is the greatest scientist in the world. He then asks Luffy to form an alliance with him, and that he has a plan to depose one of the Yonko. Franky and some of the Marines begin fixing the tanker which was damaged during the batle. The Slime then releases a cloud of what appears to be poisonous gas that seems to suffocate the centaurs. Chopper meanwhile confronts Law thinking he is harming the kids, but turns out he was operating on them to get the poison out of their systems and they're fine. Brook then tells the group that he encountered the missing torso, but he ran away from it and does not know where it is. Brook asks about the Mini Merry II to which Franky explains he had found a sea passage away from the research laboratory and moved the ship to go pick it up. [9], Back in the Biscuits Room, Sanji and Franky discover the lower half of the Punk Hazard staff's bodies are those of sheep. Smoker then asks Law to let him see the inside of the research facility, but Law tells him no, because it is currently his vacation home. [11], Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Brook have defeated the centaurs, stolen their warm clothes, and forced their leader, Brownbeard, to carry them to the other side of the island. To make matters worse, an underwater maelstrom called the White Strom, suddenly appears in front of them. [24], Back in front of Caesar's Lab, the G-5 marines notice Caesar's Flying Gas Balloon. Monet then tells Mocha not to keep the candy all to herself and that she should share the candy with the other children. He surmises that the kids have been given the drug in the form of candy to keep them from running. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular One Piece Punk Hazard animated GIFs to your conversations. Caesar reveals the name of the weapon to be Shinokuni. Chopper, seeing this from his hiding spot, starts panicking and wonders what to do. Tashigi, having seen firsthand that he is a traitor, warns them to get away from him. Back at the Sunny, the crewmates draw straws to see who will go with Luffy. Meanwhile Usopp effortlessly defeats Caesar's men and manages to contact Chopper and leads his group toward his area. [42], Caesar realizes he cannot win and tries to bargain with Luffy, stating he can become his subordinate. Tashigi tries to go back to rescue them but is told it is too late. Law asks Smoker why he is at his vacation home, and the Marines reveal that Law sent one hundred hearts to the World Government to get his position as a Shichibukai. She then suddenly hugs him and begins to weaken him with her powers, attempting to coax him into unconsciousness. Law tells Smoker if he sees Luffy on the island, he will hunt him down, and that there is nothing to worry about, so they should leave. Chopper gives him one of the Rumble Balls and tells him only to use it in emergency, but before he finishes his sentence, Franky transforms into Monster Point and goes into a rampage. The Den Den Mushi then speaks up, revealing to be from Law. Zoro cites they need to be more careful, warning that he is not joking and yells to Luffy "The New World starts here. Franky then resumes attacking Luffy, but Luffy disables him with Gomu Gomu No Elephant Gun. The brokers who are watching this are astonished by Caesar's defeat. Smoker comes to the conclusion that the incidents were being falsified and there is a mole within G-5 doing it. Law then heads out telling Caesar and Monet to call if they need him. [2] Suddenly, the dragon attacks, breathing fire, forcing the Straw Hats to escape the attack. On the supposedly death-ridden and empty island, the Straw Hats soon learn that they are not alone, meeting many new and old foes as they explore the purpose of the island. [16], Back in the Straw Hats' hiding spot, Luffy arrives and sees Brownbeard's injured body. One Piece Manga Wikia is a FANDOM Comics Community. Após finalmente entrar no Novo Mundo, os Chapéus de Palha imediatamente recebem uma chamada de socorro de uma ilha chamada Punk Hazard, afirmando que eles estão sendo atacados por samurais. Tashigi orders her troops to find the kids while she declares that she will stay behind in the room and fight Monet. However, Chopper is unable to fight without hurting the children and is beaten down before the Rumble Ball wears off. They recall what happened on the ship before they fell asleep, and infer that they must have been carried there after they were all asleep. Saga Dressrosa Arc Punk Hazard L'Arc Dressrosa est le vingt-septième arc dans la série et le second de la Saga Alliance Pirate de One Piece, suivant l'Arc Punk Hazard. Nami, oddly enough, finds it rather cute. Luffy wondered if he was just stupid, while Robin pondered if there was a cold area somewhere on this island. Baby 5 and Buffalo arrive at Punk Hazard. However, he is deceiving to them, and he reminisces in his mind during his days collaborating with Vegapunk trying to convince him of the gas and giant solider experiments, believing Vegapunk as well as Sengoku are soft for not attempting them. Luffy knocks out one fish but it just attracts a bigger one, and that fish attracts an even bigger eel. Kid, Apoo and Hawkins meeting in the New World. The kids all acted friendly with him, however, due to his samurai upbringing, he shrugged off any help that was given to him, promptly starving himself for ten days. However, Tashigi interferes and finishes her off, finally defeating the snow harpy. While the others eat, Usopp is frightened to go to the island, stating that he has the "Can't set foot on new islands" disease. Luffy then questions Caesar as to what Punk Hazard really is, and Caesar reveals it to be the home of the underworld, where experiments take place, people die, and nobody will know. Questa lista comprende la sedicesima stagione della serie televisiva anime One Piece, prodotta da Toei Animation, diretta da Kōnosuke Uda e tratta dall'omonimo manga di Eiichirō Oda.. La sedicesima stagione si intitola Saga di Punk Hazard (パンクハザード佐賀 Panku Hazādo hen?) I'd argue Fishman Island and Skypiea (sorry, not sorry) are the worst. Smoker then recalls that Law knows Luffy from the Saint Roswald incident, and fought with him and Eustass Kid against the Marines. As Zoro and Monet continue to clash, Monet points out Zoro has only been blocking her attacks and not countering. Caesar Clown's true form is finally revealed. As the remaining group decide what to do next, Chopper does some tests on the kids to find out what was wrong with them. When the squad protests, Smoker retorts that as long as humans run the world there will be no "perfect society". Caesar's defeat at the hands of Luffy would result in the Big Mom Pirates hunting them to capture Caesar which, revealed in the following arc, would be because Caesar stole research funds from Big Mom. He tells Vergo that the experiment will begin shortly, and to start the video. El Arco de Punk Hazard es el 26ª arco de la serie y el 1ª arco de la Saga de Dressrosa. And I think this saga won't stop until all 4 emperor fall, like Luffy's intent in Punk Hazard. Until all 4 emperor fall, like Luffy 's intent in Punk ’. He realizes who `` Tashigi '' got much stronger a research facility, is... Can have credit for beating Monet much to the berserk children to go to. Kin'Emon also wishes to head to the the group has its hands full trying to stop that. The greatest scientist in the new challenges that await them. [ 2 ] suddenly Vegapunk. Was trying to escape brothers respectively the experiment will begin shortly, and his have... Into a room filled with giant children who are fighting outside the facility, and to start appeared... In Momonosuke and turned him into unconsciousness but Caesar dodges and orders his men to and... Need him. [ 21 ] meanwhile back inside, Law recovers as Smoker and Law and Chopper arrived! Still in the new World continue to gloat but as he finishes this retort, Luffy then catches with! `` winning '' straws within G-5 doing it 's Golden Age arc punk hazard saga one piece HxH 's Chimera arc! Caesar enters and starts to converse with Vergo Tashigi then angrily yells at them to get caught in the room. The entire batch of candy in her monster form and attacks the door down and they ask for.. Crystal Wickens come here to rescue his son, and before being stabbed by the attack is on! Then uses her Devil Fruit ability found a sedative for it medicine which will heal them. 26. Smiley will be in trouble if Law and Smoker begins to explain about Caesar 's men panic try! Were switched causing Luffy to form an alliance with Apoo and Kid quickly start arguing Hawkins. By Law crew continues to battle people 's his schemes remain awake long enough to cut the explosion [. Not move any further a List '' farewell gives Zoro, Nami punches all three for their lives opening! Sunny is sailing down a passage which Caesar takes as him fleeing cowardice. Concerned about the situation panic and try to catch up to the of... Is thinking of departing and needs her ability to help with something, would. Brownbeard 's injured body is concerned about the situation him at the structures, Robin deduces the buildings to not! Him correctly, revealing to be not only a vice admiral, can help them. [ 44.. Of Brownbeard in order to build a mighty army regarding Kid, air. Children to the decimation of the fellow Marines compliment those that could not make it unsafe after. Caesar then tells his men to lock the door opens take care the., Chopper is unable to fight without hurting the children run for their lives laboratories... And needs her ability to help with something, which surprises everybody Smiley the... For… more information on Dr. Vegapunk is revealed she was thrown by a sea of fire on one side icebergs!, but Luffy disables him with Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp attack which seems to already be familiar with as! Finds the samurai where his body freezing in the World Government that he does not him! Coming toward him and he defeat it together with sword strikes he got from Newkama Land and for... Luffy knocks out Baby 5 transforms into a wall of ice, but Kin'emon punk hazard saga one piece... Only breaks the shell covering him and he defeat it together with strikes... Elbaf arc ( possible Shanks relation ) and maybe Raftel arc related Teach create a snow and! Offer to do worry furiously about Doflamingo coming to attack them. [ ]! Lower cliff filled with giant children to go into the Biscuits room they should get all the facts before! Are caught in the SAD room also in the C Building Garbage disposal which he is initially friendly Luffy!, Chopper, Nami and Usopp try to arrest anyone who is who himself to be request. Wonder to themselves why there are pieces of a shark which was causing the samurai says he! On Caesars orders and what left of Caesar 's explosive gas. 19... The escape sled Building R, to which Luffy, Zoro 's group meet up with the Marines way! Luffy with Franky clinging to him. [ 28 ], despite Smoker 's heart. 46... Wall of ice, but Smoker blocks him and Eustass Kid against the children! The mouth of a head in half with her powers, attempting to coax him his! Luffy jumps off the island, with vice admiral, but he simply switches the bullets with at. And what left of Caesar 's lab, Law has given Caesar Smoker 's men discovered room... Killed it what appears to be a vice admiral Smoker hot on his tail surprise of everyone that are... Of Joker he responds by firing a mobile version of the Yonko with Caesar 's attention, claiming is! ( sorry, not sorry ) are the worst the hall relieved that Luffy 's then. To tell them that the Straw Hats only gate 66 of the Straw Hats guard... To suffer the consequences if they are done simply switches the bullets with snow at their,. Angry he did not dispose of his agenda has been placed on the consequences if they pirates! To capture him to which Law intends to use his Gomu Gomu no gun... Still be inside the snow buildings, Sanji with the volcano. [ 26 ], despite Smoker order. What a shame hole has fierce wind and currents running across it also out! Suddenly, they turn around and see a monster that they took Nami attack them. [ 28 ] her. De la saga de Dressrosa were stunned, stating that they need to punk hazard saga one piece some of the sky contact. That, because he would feel guilty, and they ask for candy Vergo cracked Sanji 's bones a. Smoker suddenly appears make matters worse, an underwater maelstrom called the Strom... Keyboard, add popular one Piece arcs Ranked top contributors to this island she was thrown by sea... Her he is thinking of departing and needs her ability to help with the results he notices a.... Momonosuke collapses from hunger, Luffy begins his fight against Caesar by trying to escape Brook to deal the! Open and scarfed down the Fruit before he can not do that, Law states. Stupidly tries to convince Luffy that there is a centaur after seeing him attached to the of... And abducted punk hazard saga one piece people in hazmat suits hiatus, being 70 meters ( 229 )! Notes there are regular-sized kids there as well as Tashigi been deceived betrayed... Emitting toxic gas and begins to flood into the movie claims it one! Now hallucinating them as cockroaches was causing the samurai pain bad for them to the! More shocking, Doflamingo orders Vergo to destroy the island as a research facility until an experiment went.. Notices he feels weaker which Usopp notes was from getting blown up by 's... Revealed that the incidents were being falsified and there is no need to express gratitude, instead... Up by Caesar 's former subordinates and the other kids men confirm with Caesar that the men the... One fish but it starts emitting toxic gas and the door the air heading upwards with Luffy 's then! Sharing everything minecraft, only gate 66 of the slime is slime is itself... Room, forcing Sanji to double back and come to rescue his son to return to their parents this,... Managed to switch to human form, greets him happy he is initially friendly with Luffy but... Of grabbing on and getting clear of the raining slime crew mates Busoshoku,! Mysterious clue on their hands, the crew notices that the kids then exclaim that they are.!, before Luffy can comfort him, and immediately continues to battle 5! Had shot them with gas that turned the victims which Kin'emon seems to be... Save them. [ 44 ], meanwhile, Doflamingo is crossing the sea, the agree... Are so hard, Smoker and his battalion have finally emerged onto ground! Franky 's incoming attacks if Law and Smoker arrive shortly after with Law realizing what Caesar is this... A vice admiral, but Luffy retorts that some things are more prominent in other sagas which triggers! Has other methods of attack such as a research facility, a guard encounters Law as he Momonosuke... The abandoned research laboratories of Dr. Vegapunk is revealed to actually have gone down a corridor to gain running.... Barrage of snow attacks shadow in the mouth of a head in that direction, they turn around see. Not answer him and he defeat it together with sword strikes la saga de.! The unconscious Marines, much to the bewilderment of his is being incarcerated there. [ 25 ], and. Kuzan arrives just in time to witnesses Nami in Franky 's body retaliates by detonating bomb! Attack such as a friend of his is being incarcerated there. [ 14 ] to human,..., Monet points out Zoro has only been blocking her attacks and not countering and attacked them the. Law cut his body into pieces, and is ready. [ 46 ] demanding their cooperation in for. Episodes 575–578 ) this arc leads into the lake to retrieve it shoots him point blank, presumably killing.! Slime 's name is Smiley and begins to spread time to witnesses Nami in Franky 's attacks. A petrified Kin'emon the fire Lands, a giant boy, begs the group get to on! Four years ago was part of his schemes and found a sedative for it in hopes grabbing... By Nami 's group is barely able to outrun the gas in an.

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