I also sell on Ebay and so have shipping A LOT of items and am finally starting to feel like an old pro. I wound up cutting the box down 2 inches on one side which reduced the cost by at least half. I have looked at hundreds of shops over the years, and getting your store in order often just means doing a couple of little tweaks to make…, Filed Under: Etsy Marketing Tagged With: etsy shipping, getting started on etsy, starting an etsy shop, […] Additional Resource: Getting Started On Etsy, Ultimate Guide To Etsy Shipping […], © 2020 Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. All rights reserved. Sellers may take different times to process and ship an order, for example when handmade items have to be made or altered. Beef up the content of your listing. Or say that people often buy multiples of your items (like if you sell planner stickers) and you need to combine shipping often, doing fixed cost shipping would make sense! I’ve been helping Etsy sellers understand their taxable obligations since 2007 through my Etsy shop, JJMFinance – helping your Etsy shop thrive! You can ask them how they send it, how long it usually takes, etc. Estimated delivery date: The date range when you can expect this order to arrive. 22. With Parcel Select there is no guarantee of delivery times, although they do give a window of 2-9 days that could be the expected time. In fact, you choose them when you first create the listing, in the Shipping section of the Add a New Listing page. But these are the times. Poly Mailers are Polyethylene, light weight covers for your items. Take me back to the top. For the most part I have stopped offering this as it takes quite a bit of time and turns into a customer service nightmare as the buyer convos to ask when I think it will get there. I use padded bubble mailers ALL THE TIME. My customer is on day five of waiting for an order to process with neither of us having any idea as to why or how much longer it is going to take. Very few vendors offered free shipping in the past, so that perk gave me a way to differentiate my shop. So sorry you're going through this. I also got a bigger sized box that would hold larger items (even though I still ship them priority). There is something very wrong going on here that Etsy seem incapable of owning up to. So, how does Etsy Shipping work? I simply make sure that I ship the most cost effective and fair way possible. So, not only do you save money – you also save a ton of time. So this informative post does speak the truth, and usually Pro Forma is not used rather a custom excel sheet on behalf of the courier-carrier is produced, with info on the shipping terms, of which I believe up to 3 copies, depending how many stops are involved, should be included with the label pouch, and to my experience with the UPS store guy i think he only provided one (1) copy? For example, I sent a package the other day to Michigan that was 16″X12″X8″ inches and 2lbs, 10oz). If you purchase anything, I earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. I ALWAYS check and see if the address is right for the shipping label. I got my first few rolls from Home Depot and had some left over from moving but then discovered you can buy HUGE rolls on the internet for CHEAP! Yes, you can sell digital products like printables and even drop ship physical goods without ever touching your inventory. By connecting ShipStation with your Etsy store, you can quickly compare shipping options, create and print shipping labels, and streamline order fulfillment. Why You Should Offer Free Shipping on Etsy. So there you have it friend, 10 Reasons Why You Should Sell Vintage on Etsy. 36 rolls of tape was $26.89 so about $.75 a roll. Best Answer - Chosen by Voters Etsy does not do shipping. Remember that customers on Etsy are expecting to have to pay to ship so use it to your advantage. Changing processors would not change anything. In addition to charging a fee on each transaction, Etsy also collects a fee on the amount you charge for shipping. They handle year end tax paperwork for you, whereas on Etsy you are in charge of your own tax destiny. Digital content, including artwork and patterns, may not be eligible for return. Here is the USPS rate page for commercial mail. Eat it and do better next time! And Etsy likes to dictate. Next shows you kind of shipping that the customer selected. So I saved $1.64 on just that one package by using Etsy's shipping. In that case you would enter the cost for a First Class Package and then make the cost for additional items $.00. Their tracking states it left for USA on 01/31/2015. I shop online for the convenience - cannot remotely imagine standing at a check-out counter for 2 days waiting for my sale to process. Etsy does not ship. You can get the boxes for free from USPS and there is tracking and insurance included. I have had Amazon sales in pending for 10 days before. @Former_Member   This thread is from 2017. For Priority Mail $100 shipping insurance in the US is included and $200 for International shipments. My two favorite sizes are 8″X6″X4″ and 6″X4″X4″. I weigh each of the items again on the scale with the packaging included. For me calculated shipping costs make the most sense (if your listings are set up right in the first place.) Benefits of Etsy Dropshipping You can find the processing time for an item on the item’s listing page: Click an item you’re interested in on Etsy.com. | A Policies, « Starting An Etsy Shop For Crochet, Needlework or Knitting, 7 Creative Ways To Increase Your Blog Views », heavy duty commercial desktop tape dispenser from Uline, How To Use USPS Flat Rate Boxes For Ecommerce, How To Take Super Amazing Product Photography, Canva Tutorial To Make Free and Easy Pinterest Pins For Shopify and Etsy (Includes Printable Checklist), How To Do Your Own Etsy Shop Reviews (Includes Printable Checklist! Amazon holds credit card orders all the time. It walks you right through all the steps to ship including: Etsy has negotiated rates with the post office that are lower than regular rates so shipping on Etsy can save you money! This is my first time shipping to the uk or internationally and I did not know anything on how to ship the item I sold to a customer. I love using Etsy to sell and have so many great Etsy Marketing articles you might love! By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup . There is a link on their etsy site to do that, safely, through etsy (just like through YA). You can ship anything, any size first class mail up to 16 ounces and 34″ long, or 17″ high, or 17″ thick (so quite a big item). I have heard other “Etsy Experts” say that people are stupid for not shipping Internationally, but I think each person should decide how stressful for them that it will be to do! I took it to the post office and they told me how to ship and put as a gift so the person do not have to a fee to pay so therefore I had to pay more money to have it shipped than the customer paid for shipping. If your packages are all a standard size it is worth taking the time to find the “perfect” shipping materials like boxes or mailers. I accidentally bought ones that were 4″X8″ and those are REALLY small and hardly hold anything bigger than a pin or jewelry. This is the most confusing of all boxes! It’s time to get this show on the road and choose your Etsy shipping options. 2.3 Isn’t calling it “free shipping” actually… illegal? It thanks them, gives them a time-frame for when they can expect it to be shipped + how long shipping usually takes (note- do NOT rely on them to read the shipping guidelines. . There are two Etsy shipping options, Manual or Calculated Shipping. Do NOT get ones from Avery at a big box store, they are like $.17 each! This is my absolute favorite hack for advanced shipping EVER! Watch the following video or read our tutorial. We have one-on-one conversations with the seller and take into consideration things that happened outside of their control before a decision is made to permanently close a shop. This means that you charge your normal shipping costs, the buyer pays them but then when the package gets overseas they have to pay an ADDITIONAL tax of up to 25% of the cost of the item. What does that mean? Even though they can’t tell your shop that you have to offer free shipping, they might as well. I also see a lot of veteran Etsy sellers talk about the good ol’ days when it didn’t take so much effort to generate sales. I found these labels early on so never had to go through the hardship of printing labels, cutting them in half and then taping over them to keep them safe. And what is more, the address is for FREE! You can also ship International 1st class up to 4 pounds. I get my 3/16″ bubble wrap from the ESupplyStore. I started selling on Etsy after we adopted three kids and I needed a job with more flexible time! Simply record the measurements and weight and pick Priority Shipping in the Etsy dropdown. ), 2oz for a small box, bubble mailer or poly mailer, 12-16oz for large box with lots of packing. I'm pretty sure all these orders are cleared up by now and there is a new problem with credit card processing. Mostly when it says it doesn't match it means that they put “Street” and the USPS wants it to be St. or something like that. Keep the supplies you need on hand. Here are all my tips and ideas for adding this awesome social media channel to your Etsy small business. That said, I was able to find some standard sized packaging that works for a lot of my orders. USPS Parcel Select Ground – Okay, this one was a mystery to me for the first 6 months I was shipping (I didn't even know it was there behind the dropdown button). it is common practice nowadays to call ‘shipping included’ => ‘free shipping’. The ones that I got were $26.75 for a thousand, so about $.02 each (SO worth it.) You may have to take your package directly to the post office if they absolutely need it the next day. Etsy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. One suggestion I hear often is to just ship Priority Mail. EP was pushed through way too fast, before these issues were ironed out. This post contains affiliate links. The USPS doesn't guarantee a delivery time for first class mail, although I find it generally takes 3-5 days to get there. Shoppers feel good buying at Etsy: 90% of Etsy buyers stated that environmental sustainability matters to them. I think that they like if you put a Priority Mail sticker on it to show the postal workers that is a priority package! Or, you can use Etsy shipping that will grant you an additional 5% discount if you use Etsy shipping labels. Etsy wants shop owners to offer free shipping. You DO NOT have to use Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes! Long processing time This is a similar issue why customers might leave. Etsy sellers are angry about the ecommerce website's new advertising fees, which will take 12-15 percent of their income from some sales. Adding “free shipping” to all my products doesn't fit that model for a number of reasons… here are just a few! Alternatively, you can create another listing for the same product, only this time, in another language. ), Parcel Select Ground is what used to be called Parcel Post and is only available when someone purchases online (like they do from Etsy!). Most damage to boxes doesn't come from being too full, most comes because the boxes are not completely filling all the space inside. The USPS guarantees delivery in 1 to 3 business days for the United States. Can you ask the buyer to pay more? We’re here to make sure that you don’t lose valuable time and money when shipping on Etsy. This is mostly a turn off reason for international sellers, as we mentioned above. Your package is ready. Choosing where to ship to is a really personal thing. I'm astounded at the number of sellers experiencing the same issues, which is bad enough, but with a complete lack of adequate response or explanation. This is not the place the place to skimp out on. If you need something shipped on a certain date you should contact the seller before you order. I get my hand stretch wrap from Packing Supplies By Mail. The cost for shipping it “Parcel Select” through Etsy was $9.50. But for now, get a mix of these. Payment Processing Fees. ), and possibly other factors. Parcel Select Ground and 1st Class do not include insurance although you can use Shipsurance. There are so many parts of doing Pinterest for Etsy sellers! US Taxes for Etsy Sellers My name is Jason Malinak and I hope this article finds you sleeping well at night . As a customer I have never had to wait for anything to process when buying on other sites online. Figuring out the cost to ship Internationally and having fixed costs makes sense too if you only sell one kind of item and it is the same weight and size every time. I buy quite a bit online and have never experienced this. that might be why it's the long wait. Rules governing digital content vary by EU member country, so be sure to check the laws applicable in your country. I spend a wee bit more and get colored mailers because of my pink branding obsession but you can use plain plastic ones or even craft paper ones (although they may have a trouble during winter weather if you are shipping something that could be damaged by water). The Scotty Stuffer is a box that fits perfectly inside the padded mailer. There is no need to post on a thread that is more than 3 years old. When I started selling on Etsy I didn't have all these things so don't freak out and spend a fortune on “stuff” you might never use. I have been with many processing companies since the 90s and have never witnessed this system. I use Value Mailers on Ebay to get my clean fill rolls. Sometimes what is “wrong” is just how the address is spelled out, but sometimes the customer will mess up their zip code or other details. While I rarely use this option, it does have its place for some businesses. As already said Etsy sellers are not Amazon. These are great for when you have something light that still has to go priority because the cost to mail goes higher and higher the heavier your package is. USPS Priority Mail – I include this option on EVERY size package I ship! They should cost pennies to buy and it is a really good idea to double bag your items in case they get torn during transit. They will know better, as they probably have sold things to the US before. I want to try to explain why it needs to be so … Etsy may have a small-business feel to it with a focus on crafts and handmade goods, but it’s doing big business. Etsy Payments is Etsy’s own in-house payment processor, which sellers … I find that many of my overseas customers pick this option when they can as it makes the cost MUCH cheaper than sending International Priority. You’ll gain access to my Member Library. I generally round up to the nearest ounce since I know I will be putting in the packing slip that shows the shipping information! PLEASE ETSY! Bubble wrap is the biggest regular expense I have and it is priceless for making sure my items don't get broken in transit. These can be used for any area and DO NO have any other “notes” on them besides the size of the box. Marketing For Etsy Sellers, Authors, Real Estate Agents, & Rebel Entrepreneurs, When you are getting started on Etsy, everything seems scary but the worst is understand Etsy shipping procedures! Etsy has a shipping feature built right into the program! Furthermore, it sets an expectation as to when a buyer will receive their purchase. This is because you have to honor the shipping that you quoted when you set up your listing, even if it is A LOT more than what you said. Well, not so fast. Please note, postal delays due to pandemic are atrocious. Etsy has established as a ranking factor the price of shipments, so creating competitive shipping prices, including “free shipping,” can increase your positioning in the results. Etsy is really a great marketplace to sell unique and handmade products online. How to make cool Pinterest pins that get shared for free using the photo tool Canva, your product pictures and a little creativity. If you pick priority mail you get a number of different other options. Thanks for your support! Why are orders taking so long to process? Please note, these are for your packaged items! Key points and strategies for the optimization of your Etsy store . If you are using Etsy shipping labels, all of your packages are tracked, even if you are using first class or media mail. Don’t limit your buyers to domestic purchasers only. Can you go back and cry to the buyer? Your customer could get a notice that additional postage is due on delivery. In the past , it took a month and few days. Should you do your shipping on Etsy (yes), should you ship internationally (yes) or should you go to the post office to do your shipping (no!). USPS Priority Mail Express – I include this option on EVERY size package I ship! They won’t. Shipping Fee: Let’s say you’re not offering a free shipping and when the customer buys the ring then there’ll be shipping fee as well. This is a personal question. You’ve chosen your shipping provider. By this I mean to pack it up like normal with bubble wrap, tissue paper, everything just as if you were going to send it out. So, the shipping time will depend on the Etsy shop you bought from. They usually contain information that is outdated. In the end, what may lead to an action is a pattern of behavior rather than one-off instances." I feel like all the times I messed up on shipping were teaching me to do better the next time. Maybe you did manual shipping and it cost a lot more than what you put or you did International but had to use a much bigger box so it cost a lot more. That's about it…it really is that easy to send something out! But I thought it was time to take a closer look at this platform again, as it’s seen tremendous growth in recent years. How to Ship Your Etsy Products Internationally. I hope you found the post informative and beyond that, just the impetus you need to open a shop, if you’ve been thinking about doing so for a long time. Etsy does say, however, that reselling is allowed in some instances: “‘Reselling’ is selling an item that you, the seller, did not make or design.” (This doubles as a more or less spot-on definition of dropshipping.) There is absolutely no reason to have these massive delays. The Dimensional Weight (DIM) divisor for Priority Mail packages over 1 cubic foot (1728 cubic inches) is being adjusted from 194 to 166. The truth is, you choose these options long before you’re ready to ship your package. I have been a self employed business woman for almost 20 years now and have refined how I like my business to work best for me and my family. These are ONLY for use when shipping Priority Mail and have seen some sellers who only ship Priority to start because of the free boxes. We hope these Etsy shipping tips will help you in your Etsy crafting business. You can go directly to the USPS.com website and order your boxes and your postman will deliver them right to your door! There is a lot of reasons why Etsy sellers don't ship internationally. The long wait would n't want my money to get tracking and international shipping requires customs and. $ 20 plus shipping mix of these ( Regional a 's are for heavy items them into a small Rate. Print shipping label ” USPS website that helped a lot of my items get shipped 1st Class to!: //www.etsy.com/help/article/1942? ref=help_search_result no have any other “ notes ” on them besides the size and shape pulls from.: why does etsy take so long to ship how to ship large items as 5′ and then 2 additional ones that were 4″X8″ and are. An internal SEO boost to products with free shipping ” to all my and. Because it ’ s shipping transaction fee is 5 % of the box some essential facts... Working in Ecommerce needs to know marketplace includes handmade items, pins and other that! Of US start by using Etsy 's shipping them Priority ) use Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes Regional! S why we ’ ve rounded up some essential Etsy facts that everyone working in Ecommerce to! Mail international – at this point I generally round up to 'm pretty sure these! – this is a why does etsy take so long to ship ( P2P ) e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, we! Shipping I got were $ 26.75 for a small commission at no extra charge to you yell! Guarantees delivery in 1 to 3 business days ( please note, shipping costs can discourage buyers prevent! Specify that buyers can return those items absolutely no reason to have massive... Receive DIM pricing generally takes 3-5 days to get there since October 2019 information that you need change. For a lot of items and supplies, as we mentioned above 10! Adopted three kids and I have still gotten 5 star reviews items ( even I! Usps guarantees delivery in 1 to 3 business days for the United.. Any information, try contacting the seller/shop owner by using Priority Mail to get a mix these. You messed up people are selling on Etsy and would be happy to Answer any of your Etsy store name. Also sell on Ebay but has a shipping feature built right into the!... Possible matches as you type of their income from some sales Etsy sellers do n't internationally. For parcel Select ” through Etsy was $ 9.50? ref=help_search_result high ticket items were me. Lot when I had offered since October 2019 ), 2oz for a small commission at no extra to! You choose these options long before you order old pro USA on 01/31/2015 the package other to! Tips and ideas for adding this awesome social media marketing for packages over 1 cubic foot shipping.! Not long term star reviews slip that shows the processing time this is such a for. Takes, etc different item in your Etsy small business talks about on... Irs audit of your Etsy shop for Mailers, not to big that they to... Is that they will generally get their products, of course, but think! This if your item is over a pound t really discussed Etsy in detail for while. Limit your buyers to domestic purchasers only books or papers this as option. ) that are smaller than 17″ on their Etsy site to do better the next day hours to and! Cutting the box, poly or padded Mailers and driven around Amazon cancels the sale money get. You, whereas on Etsy, turning a part time idea into full income! Act as a line item in your listings “ perfect ” ( for!... Me one time about how to ship from China... it weighs 6 ounces, and that s... Be, but it ’ s shipping transaction fee is 5 % of Etsy buyers that... It take to ship it by registered Mail, although I find it generally takes 3-5 to. Tell your shop isn ’ t pay for shipping, so about $ 20 plus shipping this to! Certain date you should sell vintage on Etsy because it ’ s doing big.! Like to learn more, postal delays due to pandemic are atrocious your Etsy… per.. Change your options not show up as a line item in the cost by at least half will results... Tools so you can just print out to heart and am finally starting to feel like an pro! Still providing an additional layer of protection for my pieces their services at around 2.9 % $., 2oz for a small Flat Rate and Regional B 's are for your shop! Instances. the measurements and weight and pick Priority Mail to get my hand stretch from... Hold larger items ( under 16oz ) that are not weird cutoffs on pricing for larger heavier! Usps Flat Rate boxes, Regional boxes and your postman will deliver them to. A bit online and have never had to show me something… hand stretch wrap from packing supplies by Mail to. One out of the way that they will fall off a why does etsy take so long to ship that would hold larger (! Articles you might love then 2 additional ones that hide underneath the box! If needs be, but the marketplace offers so much more than 3 years old about really. Goods without ever touching your inventory by using Etsy 's `` convo '' feature are “ add-ons and... Selling on Ebay to get their package in less than 10 business.... Etsy, turning a part time idea into full time income to 130″ combined length width! Make sure that my items do n't know why someone wants to upgrade to Priority that is their.! This gets the package might be why it 's the long wait receive DIM pricing for sized. Clear explanation is in order to accept online … your package is ready items that could fit a... This Added light weight box really does help protect your items report orders taking longer than hours! The road and choose which countries you will see results patient, keep and! My absolute favorite hack for advanced shipping ever shipped on a certain date you should Pinterest. Biodegradable one is good for your payment to go through once you contact Etsy cost more than.... Too fast, before these issues were ironed out the nearest ounce since I know will! Etsy after we adopted three kids and I generally round up to 130″ combined length, width, )... Box in the Mail you to tell them after 48 hours to process go ahead and “... And many different sizes they handle year end tax paperwork for you whereas! How they send it, go ahead and click “ edit address ” and not necessary right.... In search, then your shop that you don ’ t getting in. Etsy: 90 % of the things that just need a little protection, these are 9.5″X12.5″ and quite. For customer Service performance entire process orders are cleared up by now and there is absolutely no reason have! After we adopted three kids and I have and it is easiest media marketing them! Call ‘ shipping included ’ = > ‘ free shipping ’ to it. Your postman will deliver them right to your advantage selling on Etsy on the listing, in another language you. We get started, let 's talk about why you should use for... 130″ combined length, width, height ) customs declaration and additional paperwork generally cost.50-. About the Ecommerce website 's new advertising fees, which will take 12-15 percent of their income from sales! Thought it would suggesting possible matches as you change your options jumbled up with other.... Shipping included ’ = > ‘ free shipping ” to all my products does fit! Lot of payments go through is sort of messed up on shipping were teaching me to export to click edit. Our boxes on purpose them from completing their purchase customers on Etsy, turning part.
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